Pin codes and attendance reports

We recently released several new features related to the pin code entry on the mobile application, and new attendance reports on the web application:


Sign in/out via Pin Code on the mobile application

The pin code entry, already available on the web application, is now also available on the native iOS and Android applications.

The pin code feature allows parents to sign in and sign out their child via a unique personal 4-digit pin code.


If you’ve activated the pin code option in your childcare setup page, a new Sign In/Out button is now available at the bottom of the application on tablet devices (iPad/Kindle Fire/Android tablets), and as a menu option on the iPhone and Android phone app.


From there, parents can enter their 4-digit pin code to sign in/out their child.


You can lock this page so parents cannot exit the page to view personal information of others children. Once the page is locked, only the password of the classroom account, or the 4-digit pin number of a teacher, can unlock the page.

Parent can then enter their signature before validating. If you don’t want to collect the signature, you can disable this step in settings > preferences.

The pin code feature is available to all subscription plans on the web application. The mobile app implementation is only available to Premium+ and Professional+ subscriptions.


Attendance reports

We’ve added several new features on the attendance reports, available to all accounts with a subscription:

  • A new simplify daily report is now available,
  • You can specify a custom date range for your attendance reports,
  • Daily and weekly attendance reports now include the parent signatures,
  • You can exclude specific days of the week (for instance Sundays) from the report,
  • You can download a .pdf file of the daily or weekly attendance report.

You can access attendance reports in the settings > attendance reports page.

Also, Premium+ and Professional+ accounts can now schedule automatic daily or weekly emails to receive the attendance reports in their inbox. Those can be activated in the settings > summary emails page.

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