Ten Best Childcare Software Platforms for Daycare Centers

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These days, finding easier ways to run your childcare center means using technology. There are many software programs that daycare centers can use to help complete all the tasks that they need to carry out every day. Exactly which childcare software is best might be different for each childcare business: every childcare center is unique, and has its own set of needs. If you’re wondering which platform to use, keep reading.

Why Upgrade to a New Childcare Software?

Before you go on the search for all the childcare software programs available, ask yourself: what is the number one thing you want to improve at your business? Maybe it’s parent billing or staff communication; maybe it’s curriculum planning  or managing your finances. Whatever the reason, setting up some kind of software is the answer. Here’s a few key reasons to upgrade to a new childcare software platform:

Better Parent Communication

Using software that allows digital communication helps to keep parents and teachers informed. Instead of missed phone calls or lost notes, a quick direct message can be sent securely between families and childcare staff, making sure everyone is aware of any important information about a child.

Easier Attendance Tracking 

A childcare software lets teachers and staff easily view the attendance of their classrooms. Whenever a parent checks their child in or out, the status updates live on the computer, app, or tablet. That makes it easy for management to see how many children are in each classroom, ensuring they stick to regulated teacher to child ratios. Software like this also logs the exact sign in and sign out timestamp automatically, which is essential for documentation purposes. 

Administrative Task Automation

Comprehensive childcare apps can help the team manage projects and keep track of recurring administrative tasks. For example, custom cleaning schedules can be set to appear in the software so every staff member knows his or her responsibilities for the week.

Payments and Accounting

A childcare payment platform lets legal guardians make instant payments online using their credit card or bank account. Childcare providers can charge payments and late fees, send automatic reminders for upcoming bills, and keep track of bookkeeping throughout the year.

Aligned Learning Outcomes

Digital software can show leaders how students are learning and whether or not they’re meeting developmental milestones. Child assessments, routine testing, and individual reports can be recorded and viewed easily in the software. 

There are many other benefits of using a childcare management platform. Below we’ll explore some of them individually. 

Top 10 Childcare Software Solutions for Running a Daycare 

Whether you need an all-inclusive daycare app or simply a new payment method for your website, here are ten of the most easy-to-use solutions for your daycare business.

1. Daily Connect Childcare Software

Daily Connect is an affordable option if you’re looking for childcare management software with all the perks. More than just an app, Daily Connect performs as a complete childcare center management system. Employees and parents can both use this software to communicate, process tuition payments, review each child’s learning progress, and much more.

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2. Xero

If you need a straightforward childcare accounting software, a standard online platform like Xero is helpful. It’s affordably priced and allows legal tax support, preparing your business for what to expect come tax season. Nannies, at-home daycare centers, and small early education providers can especially benefit from Xero’s features. 

3. Quickbooks

Another accounting software for daycare businesses is Quickbooks. Similar to Xero, it has all the basic accounting features to keep track of payments, receipts, expenses, and more. Another helpful feature Quickbooks offers is plenty of integration options. It can integrate with various daycare scheduling systems or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools.

4. Zendesk

Sales, CRM, and customer service are often overlooked aspects of successful childcare businesses. With Zendesk, program directors and staff can bring a sense of calm to the childcare work environment. Manage student enrollment waitlists, send parent emails, start team discussions, plan events, and more. They even offer a free trial.

5. Connecteam

If you’re looking for a tool that provides employee communication and team collaboration via smartphone, Connecteam is your answer. Create and manage checklists, clock in and out, contact upper management and HR, allow employees to request days off— everything your childcare staff needs is all in one place, so everyone stays connected. 

6. Gusto

What if your team communication is great, but employee management is an issue? One of the best daycare software tools for handling HR and employee processes is Gusto. This HR-support platform gives employees access to the documents and tax information they need. It’s also important to childcare owners because— well— it manages payroll for you. 

7. Squarespace

While not an official childcare software in itself, hosting a website on Squarespace is an easy way to grow a daycare company online. From showcasing your service (childcare is a service, you know—an important one!) to optimizing your search ranking on Google, Squarespace helps you every step of the way. You don’t even need web design experience.

8. Hootsuite

If your childcare business is already active on the internet, getting on board with a social media management software is a good idea. Hootsuite adds value to your childcare business by posting content on, tracking, and managing all your social media accounts for you. Consistent posts help you reach your local community, keep parents informed, and share special moments. 

9. Zoho

Scheduling, sending notifications, and receiving direct payments are now possible with Zoho Bookings. This is a good choice if you’re a solo childcare provider (like a nanny or at-home daycare). Parents can view your upcoming availability and book daycare services with you, and you can manage several parts of your business operation in one place. 

10. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an accounting software used by small businesses and independent contractors. Freshbooks saves time when it comes to tax season, keeping all your financial data organized. You can also view your annual reports directly in the app.

Finding the Best Childcare Software

When running a childcare center, it’s easy to get lost in the administrative details. When things get too hectic, it’s important to find help. Using tools that make your work easier on you and your team ensures you can get back to the real purpose of childcare: being present with the children you get to educate and care for. 

The most advanced childcare management software available will offer a combination of the various types of features mentioned above. When you need something that has it all, consider Daily Connect: a comprehensive platform made specifically for childcare centers.

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