How to Set Up a Montessori Preschool Classroom

Many parents seek a Montessori education for their young children today for its many benefits. It’s a different form of education that focuses not only on social and academic development but the “whole” development of each child. The educational model values cognitive and cultural differences and prioritizes hands-on, interactive learning. Because Montessori education is soContinue reading “How to Set Up a Montessori Preschool Classroom”

10 Common Challenges in Opening a Childcare Center & How to Overcome Them

Opening a childcare center is an exciting and respectable goal to work toward. Today, there are growing opportunities and increasing demands for quality childcare, and you may be the best person to provide this to your community. But there are some expected (and unexpected) challenges you’ll need to be prepared for. The good news is,Continue reading “10 Common Challenges in Opening a Childcare Center & How to Overcome Them”

Daily Connect Awarded Best Value + Easiest to Use Childcare Software in 2022

As we approach the holiday season, the team at Daily Connect has some exciting news to share. This year, Daily Connect has been recognized by Capterra as the Best Value Childcare Software 2022, as well as the Easiest to Use Childcare Software 2022. These awards are independently selected by Capterra, the top source of reviewsContinue reading “Daily Connect Awarded Best Value + Easiest to Use Childcare Software in 2022”

2023 Childcare Industry Trends

As the dust continues to settle from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, education centers continue to adapt. There have been advances and setbacks in early childhood education environments, and childcare providers have survived serious stress. Although health and safety risks are less of a concern today than two years ago, other strains persist. It’sContinue reading “2023 Childcare Industry Trends”

What Are the Five Key Learning Areas for Montessori Early Learning Centers?

Montessori is a type of education that encourages self-paced, guided learning. Since it’s quite different from the traditional classroom, its goals are specific: to foster motivation, social awareness, and the “whole” development of every child. Today, there are many preschools and daycare centers that are continuing to adopt the Montessori philosophy.  The Montessori framework consistsContinue reading “What Are the Five Key Learning Areas for Montessori Early Learning Centers?”

Free Childcare Center Opening Checklist

If you’re opening a childcare center, it’s an exciting time. Even though it’s a worthwhile venture, inevitable stresses come with any new business— many of which catch new childcare business owners by surprise.  To prepare for success, you need to have a plan. If you want to create a sustainable, thriving childcare center, you haveContinue reading “Free Childcare Center Opening Checklist”

New Features Roundup: Fall 2022

At Daily Connect, we’re committed to releasing new features that make life easier for our community. In recent months, we have released several new features, and today, we’re rounding them up.  New features released in recent months include: In case you missed them, let’s take a closer look at what each of these features allowContinue reading “New Features Roundup: Fall 2022”

NEW: Add Private Events to Your Daily Connect Calendar

We’re pleased to announce that Daily Connect now allows you to add private events to your calendar. This has been one of our most-requested features and we’re excited to let our community know that it has now been launched.  Private events are only visible to you and the staff at your childcare center – parentsContinue reading “NEW: Add Private Events to Your Daily Connect Calendar”

6 Montessori Early Childhood Trends

Childcare trends continue to shift as education and society recover from significant disruptions. After the COVID-19 pandemic, families had to adjust nearly every aspect of their lives. Daycare centers had to adapt to new health protocols, educational methods, and social learning goals. New educational technologies became norms as the world evolved faster than ever. SinceContinue reading “6 Montessori Early Childhood Trends”

Childcare Accounting: An Introductory Guide

As a childcare business owner, it’s crucial to monitor and manage your finances properly. Not only do you need to make sure that you and your staff get paid, but you also need to keep track of supplies, vendors, and future budgeting efforts that allow your childcare center to thrive.  Since your top priorities everyContinue reading “Childcare Accounting: An Introductory Guide”