A Guide to Types of Fees at Childcare Centers

Different types of fees at your childcare center are all necessary parts of running a childcare business. While childcare is an essential and rewarding career, it doesn’t happen for free. You and your staff need to get paid.  That said, childcare fees are not greedy or “bad.” They’re simply a way to account for additionalContinue reading “A Guide to Types of Fees at Childcare Centers”

Daily Connect Launches Revamped Parent Billing Tools

At Daily Connect, we’re all about finding new ways to make our users’ lives easier. One way we’re doing that is through the introduction of our completely redesigned parent billing solution.  These new tools, which are being rolled out to all Professional+ users over the next few weeks, make it easier for childcare providers toContinue reading “Daily Connect Launches Revamped Parent Billing Tools”

How to Create Payment Policies For A Childcare Business

While childcare is an essential profession in society, it isn’t a charity. At the end of the day, you and your staff have families to feed and lives to live. You all need to get paid for your hard work and service.  It’s common practice for childcare providers to have a payment policies to makeContinue reading “How to Create Payment Policies For A Childcare Business”

11 Ways to Be a Better Babysitter

As the African proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In our modern society of nuclear families and busy schedules, babysitters and nannies help their communities experience this timeless village analogy.  In many ways, babysitting is a rewarding and promising career. Many families could not thrive without the invaluable support of theirContinue reading “11 Ways to Be a Better Babysitter”

17 Montessori Preschool Activities

The Montessori education model favors hands-on, self-directed learning because of the many ways it enhances each child’s natural learning. Through play, group activities, and everyday tasks, Montessori preschool students discover their capabilities, which nurtures a lifelong love of learning. If you run a Montessori preschool or daycare, here are some Montessori preschool activity ideas toContinue reading “17 Montessori Preschool Activities”

April 2023: New Daily Connect Feature Round-Up

Spring has arrived, and so have new features on Daily Connect! We’re excited to continue releasing new features that make life easier for childcare center directors, preschool teachers, in-home daycare providers, and others. This month, we’re releasing three new features that make for easier record-keeping and planning for childcare providers all over the world.  ReadContinue reading “April 2023: New Daily Connect Feature Round-Up”

How to Start an In-Home Daycare Business

Starting a home daycare business can be an extremely rewarding career move. If you love taking care of children and have the space to run a daycare from your home, there’s a good chance your business will be in high demand. Independent daycare jobs can pay well, especially if you know how to set upContinue reading “How to Start an In-Home Daycare Business”

How to Make a Budget for Your Daycare Business

Whether you run a daycare business at your home or you’re starting up a new childcare center, one of the most important aspects of success is a reliable budget. Without knowing the numbers in your business, it’s nearly impossible to scale — much less remain organized in so many important tasks. Maybe you’re wondering whyContinue reading “How to Make a Budget for Your Daycare Business”

Daily Connect Launches Five New Features

At Daily Connect, we’re always talking to our users to learn more about the product improvements that would make Daily Connect an even better solution for their day-to-day childcare operations.  We use this feedback to create meaningful new features that save our users time, create a better parent experience, and make life easier.  This month,Continue reading “Daily Connect Launches Five New Features”

How to Collect Payments for My Childcare Business

Whether you run a childcare business that’s a small, in-home daycare or a multi-location franchise, you and your employees deserve to get paid on time. It all comes down to one thing: parent billing.  Regardless of the size, location, or type of childcare center you operate, making sure parents pay on time involves the sameContinue reading “How to Collect Payments for My Childcare Business”