How to Create a Business Plan for a Montessori Preschool

Montessori schools are a top choice for many families today, especially in the early childhood development years. The unique Montessori model allows young children to learn in an environment that encourages self-correction, social confidence, and interest-based skills building more than standard education programs.  If you’re in the process of starting a Montessori preschool, read furtherContinue reading “How to Create a Business Plan for a Montessori Preschool”

17 Montessori Preschool Activities

The Montessori education model favors hands-on, self-directed learning because of the many ways it enhances each child’s natural learning. Through play, group activities, and everyday tasks, Montessori preschool students discover their capabilities, which nurtures a lifelong love of learning. If you run a Montessori preschool or daycare, here are some Montessori preschool activity ideas toContinue reading “17 Montessori Preschool Activities”

How to Set Up a Montessori Preschool Classroom

Many parents seek a Montessori education for their young children today for its many benefits. It’s a different form of education that focuses not only on social and academic development but the “whole” development of each child. The educational model values cognitive and cultural differences and prioritizes hands-on, interactive learning. Because Montessori education is soContinue reading “How to Set Up a Montessori Preschool Classroom”

What Are the Five Key Learning Areas for Montessori Early Learning Centers?

Montessori is a type of education that encourages self-paced, guided learning. Since it’s quite different from the traditional classroom, its goals are specific: to foster motivation, social awareness, and the “whole” development of every child. Today, there are many preschools and daycare centers that are continuing to adopt the Montessori philosophy.  The Montessori framework consistsContinue reading “What Are the Five Key Learning Areas for Montessori Early Learning Centers?”

6 Montessori Early Childhood Trends

Childcare trends continue to shift as education and society recover from significant disruptions. After the COVID-19 pandemic, families had to adjust nearly every aspect of their lives. Daycare centers had to adapt to new health protocols, educational methods, and social learning goals. New educational technologies became norms as the world evolved faster than ever. SinceContinue reading “6 Montessori Early Childhood Trends”

Daily Connect Adds Support for Montessori Learning Framework

We’re excited to announce the addition of the Montessori Learning Framework into our Daily Connect app. This new learning framework has now been added and is available to all Daily Connect users.  This new module contains learning activities for ages 0 – 6 years, spread equally across each of the five Montessori areas of learning:Continue reading “Daily Connect Adds Support for Montessori Learning Framework”

Montessori Preschool vs. Childcare Center: Key Differences

In today’s ever-changing educational climate, anyone interested in early childhood education has to study different research-backed frameworks. Parents, teachers, cognitive scientists, and childcare professionals who care about child development have likely heard of the Montessori method, a learning approach that’s quite different from the traditional classroom.  But what is the Montessori method? And why doesContinue reading “Montessori Preschool vs. Childcare Center: Key Differences”

How to Start a Montessori Preschool

Montessori education has been around for over a century, and families continue to choose Montessori preschools for their young children. The Montessori style is self-paced, student-centered, and focuses on a child’s whole development— physical, emotional, social, and mental.  Running a Montessori school for early childhood education can be rewarding and beneficial to your whole community.Continue reading “How to Start a Montessori Preschool”