Using Technology to Improve Parent Communication at Your Childcare Center

As a teacher or daycare provider, you likely know that interacting with parents can be one of the most difficult parts of the job. Communicating with the children in your care is normal — you’re trained to speak, play, and encourage them with the lessons and care they need. But parent-teacher communication isn’t always somethingContinue reading “Using Technology to Improve Parent Communication at Your Childcare Center”

Using Childcare Learning & Assessment Tools to Improve Learning

A child’s formative years are one of the most important learning periods of their lives. Proper care, guidance, and education are crucial for every child to achieve well-rounded development as they grow. Childcare centers play an important role in helping children through this formative learning process, and it’s vital that early childhood educators have theContinue reading “Using Childcare Learning & Assessment Tools to Improve Learning”

New Features Coming to Daily Connect

At Daily Connect, we’re constantly working to improve our platform, making it easier than ever for childcare and daycare providers around the world to communicate with parents, manage their child development, and run their business.  This month, we’re excited to announce several new features that are now live on the Daily Connect app and webContinue reading “New Features Coming to Daily Connect”

How to Write a Business Plan for your Childcare Center

In 2022, there’s all kinds of opportunities for new childcare centers. With parents in many areas around the world heading back to the office, families need new daycare providers in their area to help give care and supervision to their kids. The childcare industry has seen a lot of change in the past couple ofContinue reading “How to Write a Business Plan for your Childcare Center”

6 Reasons At-Home Daycare Owners Should Use Childcare Software

A home daycare center is a business that’s crucial to your community, supporting parents, families, and children. But it’s not an easy business to run: there’s a lot to keep track of, from childcare regulations to managing things like parent billing and enrollment. Today, there are digital tools that many established childcare centers rely onContinue reading “6 Reasons At-Home Daycare Owners Should Use Childcare Software”

2022 Childcare Industry Trends

The past couple of years have brought about many changes to the childcare industry, many of them driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many daycare providers have had to fundamentally change the way they operate in order to provide an environment that’s as safe as possible while still delivering the fun and learning experiences that makeContinue reading “2022 Childcare Industry Trends”

Changes to our free version

Today we’re announcing changes to our free version. Effective Monday January 17th 2022, the free version of Daily Connect will not have the ability to save new entries anymore. Users without a subscription will no longer be able to save activities unless upgrading to a Premium+ account, with usage-based pricing starting at $4.99 per month. ThisContinue reading “Changes to our free version”

Childcare Center Billing: A Quick Guide

Done right, running your own childcare business can result in major success. You can provide an important service to your community, helping young children learn important skills, while also making a great living for yourself. But one of the most frequent difficulties business owners in the daycare industry face is managing childcare center billing. With theContinue reading “Childcare Center Billing: A Quick Guide”

New Features on Daily Connect

We’re excited to announce a range of new features are now available on the Daily Connect platform. Our users have been requesting these features for some time now, and we’re excited to share that we have now activated these features for all Daily Connect users. We’re confident that these features will enable more childcare centersContinue reading “New Features on Daily Connect”

Support for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Birth to 5 Matters Framework in Daily Connect

If you work in the childcare industry in the UK, you’re likely aware of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYSF) and Birth to 5 Matters framework. The Birth to 5 Matters framework is a non-statutory framework that serves as optional guidance to support childcare practitioners as they implement the statutory requirements of the EYFS inContinue reading “Support for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Birth to 5 Matters Framework in Daily Connect”