New: Parent Survey at sign-in

We’re releasing today a new Parent Survey feature that is especially useful to help with Covid-19’s special procedures. Childcare directors can now create a survey that parents will have to fill at each sign-in on the Daily Connect Sign-in kiosk. This works with the touchless sign-in on the parent’s device, or with the 4-digits pinContinue reading “New: Parent Survey at sign-in”

Touchless sign-in with Daily Connect

Parents can now sign-in their children without any contact with Daily Connect. For this, they just have to tap on the Sign In/Out button on their Daily Connect application and show their personal QR Code to the sign-in device. The device will then automatically scan the code to do the sign-in. The operation takes aroundContinue reading “Touchless sign-in with Daily Connect”

New: Calendar, Menus, Lesson Plans

We recently released several new features about Calendar, Menus and Lesson Plans. Those will help you better inform parents about what’s happening at your facility, and what’s planned in the coming days. The new feature allows you to: Create calendar events for each classroom. For instance for holidays, field trips or payment deadlines. Parents andContinue reading “New: Calendar, Menus, Lesson Plans”

New administrator roles for Pressional plans

We’re adding 3 new levels of privilege in the application. The goal is to be more coherent with the different roles and responsibilities in your organization. This is in addition to the already existing role for Staff and Teachers. Those roles only apply to Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. Subscription Administrators can create new childcare centers,Continue reading “New administrator roles for Pressional plans”

New: share forms and documents with parents

You can now upload forms and documents that parents can access at any time via the application. For instance, you can upload field trip permissions, policy handbook or immunization forms. Parents will have access to all uploaded documents via the “Form & Documents” menu option on the application. Documents can be uploaded in Settings >Continue reading “New: share forms and documents with parents”

Billing, invoicing and collecting payments with Daily Connect

We’re happy to announce the availability of one of your most requested features: billing, invoicing and collecting payments. Parents will now have a quick and easy way to pay you for their child’s tuition using their preferred method: credit/debit card, bank transfer, checks. Not only this will save you time (among other things, you won’t need toContinue reading “Billing, invoicing and collecting payments with Daily Connect”

Siri Shortcuts

Daily Connect now supports Siri shortcuts. You can access available Siri shortcuts in the system settings application, under Siri & Search > Suggested Shortcuts, and add those shortcuts to your list. This allows you to record entries with voice commands via Siri. The suggested shortcuts are automatically generated by Daily Connect based on your usage,Continue reading “Siri Shortcuts”

Pin codes and attendance reports

We recently released several new features related to the pin code entry on the mobile application, and new attendance reports on the web application:   Sign in/out via Pin Code on the mobile application The pin code entry, already available on the web application, is now also available on the native iOS and Android applications.Continue reading “Pin codes and attendance reports”

Changes to our subscription plans

  We’ve recently started a new usage-based subscription plan for child care professionals. The subscription allow all linked users (staff and parents) to download and use the mobile app for free. The new usage-based monthly plans (named Premium+ and Professional+) replace our previous fixed-price legacy plans (named Premium, Professional and Enterprise). The features of theContinue reading “Changes to our subscription plans”