Siri Shortcuts

Daily Connect now supports Siri shortcuts. You can access available Siri shortcuts in the system settings application, under Siri & Search > Suggested Shortcuts, and add those shortcuts to your list. This allows you to record entries with voice commands via Siri. The suggested shortcuts are automatically generated by Daily Connect based on your usage,Continue reading “Siri Shortcuts”

Pin codes and attendance reports

We recently released several new features related to the pin code entry on the mobile application, and new attendance reports on the web application:   Sign in/out via Pin Code on the mobile application The pin code entry, already available on the web application, is now also available on the native iOS and Android applications.Continue reading “Pin codes and attendance reports”

Changes to our subscription plans

  We’ve recently started a new usage-based subscription plan for child care professionals. The subscription allow all linked users (staff and parents) to download and use the mobile app for free. The new usage-based monthly plans (named Premium+ and Professional+) replace our previous fixed-price legacy plans (named Premium, Professional and Enterprise). The features of theContinue reading “Changes to our subscription plans”