Quota on free plans

Starting August 15, 2018, we’ll begin enforcing usage limits for users with no monthly subscription plan. The new daily usage with the free plan will be limited to 50 entries and 5 photos per account.

To keep using Daily Connect without limitation after August 15th, you need to subscribe to a Premium+ or Professional+ plan.

In addition to unlimited usage, a subscription gives you the following additional benefits:

  • Free mobile application for you and for parents.
  • Daily summary emails can be automatically sent to parents (and optionally to you) at the end of the day. You can also schedule automatic daily or weekly emails sent to you for backup with the classroom info.
  • Real-time daily attendance, weekly and monthly attendance reports for each classroom and for each child.
  • Enable a Sign in/out kiosk to allow each parent to sign in/out their child via a unique pin code. The ability to collect signature and photos will also be available very soon.
  • Send emergency Text/SMS messages to parents, and automatically send recurring emails to parents (for instance to remind them to order lunch or pay bill each month).
  • Customize the web application
  • Upload documents (.pdf, doc, …) to parents for newsletter, menus, forms, …
  • Manage classrooms and teachers under the same Professional+ plan


You can subscribe to a Premium+ and Professional+ plan in the settings > billing page of the web application. You will only be charged after the 7 days free trial period. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Contact support@dailyconnect.com if you have any question