NEW: Parent Billing on Daily Connect

We’re excited to announce the launch of all-new Parent Billing features on the Daily Connect App.  This has been one of our most requested features ever, and we’re proud to now offer a full suite of billing and payment solutions to the thousands of childcare centers and daycare facilities that rely on Daily Connect everyContinue reading “NEW: Parent Billing on Daily Connect”

New: Children Portfolios

While childcare staff send each day photos and information about children activities to parents. They can now also add activities, diary, photos, observations and milestone entries to a child portfolio. The collection of entries saved in the portfolio is only visible to the childcare staff, but it can be shared with parents at any time. TheContinue reading “New: Children Portfolios”

New: Observations and Assessments

We’re very excited to announce several major enhancements to our Assessment feature, which is now much more flexible, customizable, and useful. Our previous Assessment category has been replaced with a new category named Observation. An observation is where you’ll assess the progress of the child toward mastering a skill. Customized Assessment Levels The number ofContinue reading “New: Observations and Assessments”

Learning Frameworks and State Standards

Daily Connect support several learning frameworks for the Observation and the Lesson features. You can see below the list of supported Learning Frameworks and State Standards. For each framework, we support 0-5 years of age ranges (Infant, Toddler, and Preschool). We’re adding new state standards and learning framework regularly. Please email us at ifContinue reading “Learning Frameworks and State Standards”

New: Temperature Reports

Here is another tool to help with health and safety guidelines,  and ensure compliance with new regulations related to Covid-19. Our new temperature report organizes all the temperature readings recorded for all children. The report can be organized by day or by week, by classroom, or for the whole center. You can access this reportContinue reading “New: Temperature Reports”

Collecting Parent Signatures on Daily Connect

You can now collect parent’s signature for Incident Report entries, Health, and Medicine entries. This will help with regulatory compliance and also make sure everybody has been notified about the event. The signature is saved with the entry, it can be viewed on the mobile or web application.   For instance, teachers can save anContinue reading “Collecting Parent Signatures on Daily Connect”

New: Parent Survey at sign-in

We’re releasing today a new Parent Survey feature that is especially useful to help with Covid-19’s special procedures. Childcare directors can now create a survey that parents will have to fill at each sign-in on the Daily Connect Sign-in kiosk. This works with the touchless sign-in on the parent’s device, or with the 4-digits pinContinue reading “New: Parent Survey at sign-in”

Touchless sign-in with Daily Connect

Parents can now sign-in their children without any contact with Daily Connect. For this, they just have to tap on the Sign In/Out button on their Daily Connect application and show their personal QR Code to the sign-in device. The device will then automatically scan the code to do the sign-in. The operation takes aroundContinue reading “Touchless sign-in with Daily Connect”