Billing, invoicing and collecting payments with Daily Connect

We’re happy to announce the availability of one of your most requested features: billing, invoicing and collecting payments. Parents will now have a quick and easy way to pay you for their child’s tuition using their preferred method: credit/debit card, bank transfer, checks.

Not only this will save you time (among other things, you won’t need to reconcile payments), but it will also help to reduce the number of late and missed payments thanks to frequent reminders, flexible payment methods, and the convenience of an online system.

We have partnered with TUIO, the #1 payments portal for schools and daycares across North America. Their powerful and flexible platform can support any type of payment plan for childcare centers.


Go to the Parent Billing page in Daily Connect to learn more.


Daily Connect users benefit from a special discounted price and low transaction fees. TUIO is integrated with Daily Connect so it’s very easy to setup and use.

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