New: Children Portfolios

While childcare staff send each day photos and information about children activities to parents. They can now also add activities, diary, photos, observations and milestone entries to a child portfolio.

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 2.14.27 PM
Portfolio on the iPad application

The collection of entries saved in the portfolio is only visible to the childcare staff, but it can be shared with parents at any time. The portfolio can be viewed as a slideshow via the application. This can be a useful support during the parent-teacher conference: teachers can use the portfolio to highlight important moments and development progress.

The portfolio can also be exported as a pdf document, and share with parents via the application, email, or printed.

portfolio pdf export

Daily Connect Portfolio is available to Premium+ and Professional+ subscriptions.

4 thoughts on “New: Children Portfolios

    1. The ‘add to portfolio’ is automatically shown for observation entries, or can be added by tapping on the share button a the bottom right of most entries (photos, diary, milestone, …)

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