New features recently added to Daily Connect

Here is a quick summary of the features added recently to Daily Connect:

  • Observations and Assessments: with support of customization of up to 6 assessment levels, support of customized learning framework, common learning framework and state standards, enhanced privacy support, and advanced assessment/observation reports.
  • Learning Frameworks and State Standards: we now support more than 30 common learning frameworks (for instance the ‘Head Start Early Learning Outcome Framework’) and State Standards (for instance the ‘Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards’). Those can be used for Observations and Lesson plans.
  • Children Portfolios: childcare teachers can now create a portfolio for each child and add Activities, photos, observations, and milestone entries to the portfolio. The portfolio can be presented and shared with parents during a parent-teacher conference.
  • Parent SurveyQuestions can be automatically asked to parents at drop-off. It is especially useful for health screening procedures at sign-in. Survey responses are recorded with the sign-in information and easily accessible for reporting.
  • Touchless sign-in: With this option, parents can sign-in their child by showing a QRCode from their phone to the sign-in station. This option limits the spread of germs and help to speed-up check-in.
  • Collect Parent Signature for Incident reports, Health or Medicine entries: To help with regulatory compliance and make sure everybody has been notified about the event.
  • Temperature Reports to help with health and safety guidelines by organizing all the temperature readings recorded for all children.

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