New Features on Daily Connect

At Daily Connect, we’re passionate about listening to our users and adding features that make life easier for childcare professionals across the world. That’s why today, we’re announcing four new features to improve the Daily Connect platform for all our users. Here are the new features:

Video Sharing: As of today, childcare professionals can now send parents videos of their children directly through the Daily Connect app. 

Surveys: We’ve also added enhancements to the survey feature within the app, with powerful new customization features that help you run your childcare center more efficiently. 

Incident Reports: We’re adding the ability to attach a body map image to incident reports, helping satisfy regulatory requirements and providing more information to parents. 

Parent/Teacher Messaging Tools: We’re making it easier for administrators to access messages between teachers and parents.

All features have now been activated for Premium+ and Professional+ subscribers. 

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If you’d like to upgrade your subscription to include these features, please contact us at

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each of the features, including screenshots and instructions for how you can start using them. 

With the new school year just around the corner for many childcare centers, we’re confident these features, in addition to our existing features, will give you all the tools you need to provide a memorable childcare experience.

Video Sharing

Since we launched our photo sharing feature, childcare centers across the world have shared more than 60 Million photos with parents. 

Users can now record videos of children and share them directly with parents. 

Parents view the videos of their children straight from the Daily Connect app on their phones, and will also receive any videos you share via the daily summary email. 

Videos can be up to one minute long, and are accessible in the system for one year. After that, they’ll be deleted, but an email will be sent in advance of this to give parents the opportunity to download the video to keep forever. 

The process for sharing a video is exactly the same as the process for sharing a photo. 

This feature is available on the mobile application to all Premium+ and Professional+ subscribers. 


Previously, surveys were only available for the sign-in process. We’ve now added a number of improvements to the survey process, meaning you can use surveys in powerful new ways.

Surveys can now be sent to staff members, parents, and prospective families. Some ways you can use surveys include:

  • Sharing a staff checklist to ensure all required tasks are performed
  • Asking parents for their opinions on events, like field trips or celebrations
  • Sending a questionnaire to prospective families to learn more about them 

Everyone you send the survey to will receive an email notification, as well as an alert in the Daily Connect app. 

You can customize the survey to ask whatever questions you like, including questions with free text answers or questions with different choices. 

Users can pull customized reports with survey results, and use filters to view responses. This is helpful for applications like staff checklists, where the administrator only wants to see items marked ‘Not Done’. 

The survey feature can be accessed in the Settings > Surveys page. 

Improvements to Incident Reports: Body Maps

When an incident occurs, it’s important to record it quickly and accurately. We’ve now added body maps to incident reports so that users can better report any injuries. This helps parents to better understand what happened, and is also recommended (or even required) by your local regulator.

Parents receive incident reports via email and through the Daily Connect app, where they can sign the incident report. Administrators can then print and save the report for their records. 

Improvements to Parent/Teacher Messaging Tools: Administrator Access

We’ve made it easier for administrators to view messages sent between staff and parents. Instead of browsing through each classroom to see messages, administrators can now view all messages at once through the ‘All rooms’ menu item on the Daily Connect Web App. 

Administrators can also enable push notifications on their device to receive a notification every time a message is sent. 

We’re confident that these features will improve the Daily Connect experience for administrators, teachers, and parents alike.

If you have any questions about any of the features, or would like to upgrade to a Premium+ or Professional+ subscription so that you can access them, please contact our Support Team at