April 2023: New Daily Connect Feature Round-Up

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Spring has arrived, and so have new features on Daily Connect!

We’re excited to continue releasing new features that make life easier for childcare center directors, preschool teachers, in-home daycare providers, and others. This month, we’re releasing three new features that make for easier record-keeping and planning for childcare providers all over the world. 

Read on to learn more about the new features we released. Got an idea for a new feature that would make a big difference to your childcare center? Get in touch today: many of our most popular features come from requests from our customers! Email the team at support@dailyconnect.com with your ideas. 

Customization of Incident Reports

Incident reports play an important role in documenting the bumps and scrapes that happen at daycare businesses. Kids can be careless: they might run into each other, trip over, or have some other type of accident – it happens all the time! 

Recording these incidents not only keeps your business protected, but also means you can share information about exactly what happened with families. In some states and countries, childcare providers are required to document every incident and collect parent signatures to comply with licensing requirements. 

You can now customize incident reports and create custom fields that you need to be included on the incident report. Here are a few examples of custom fields that you can add:

  • Nature of injury
  • Description of injury
  • Where it happened
  • Actions taken by staff
  • Treatment applied
  • Witness
  • And more….

In addition to this, staff members and parents can both sign the incident report to show that they have reviewed the document. 

Incident Reports can be customized under Settings > Customize Labels > Incident Reports

Customization of Schedule Options

With the growing popularity of remote work, some parents no longer need full-time daycare for their children, instead only sending their kids to you for a few days a week. 

That means you have to think a little harder about scheduling to understand which children will be in attendance, and on what days.

To make that process easier for you, we’ve made it possible for you to customize the scheduling options that are listed on the child’s schedule page (under Settings > Customize Labels > Schedule). 

Instead of adding a whole day, you can now add Morning, Afternoon, Short Day, or None as attendance options. 

This feature is only available for Professional+ subscriptions. 

Child Documents and Notes

Last month, we announced the release of new features to store child and family information on a central child profile page. 

This month, we’re adding the ability to upload documents to each child’s profile, such as enrollment forms or any information filled out on paper forms. Teachers and administrators can also add extra notes. 

Both documents and notes are only visible to the staff of your childcare center, and cannot be viewed by families. 

This feature is only available for Professional+ subscriptions. 

Start Using These New Features Today

These features have been activated for all eligible Daily Connect accounts. If you experience any difficulty learning how to use them, visit our Help Center or contact the team. 

Got an idea for an improvement or new feature that you’d like to see in Daily Connect? We’d love to hear about it: contact us at support@dailyconnect.com to share your idea!

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