Daily Connect Adds Support for Montessori Learning Framework

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We’re excited to announce the addition of the Montessori Learning Framework into our Daily Connect app. This new learning framework has now been added and is available to all Daily Connect users. 

This new module contains learning activities for ages 0 – 6 years, spread equally across each of the five Montessori areas of learning: Language, Cultural Subjects, Mathematics, Sensorial Education, and Practical Life Exercises. 

In all, there are 270 new activities in the Daily Connect app, each designed by a certified Montessori educator. This transforms the way Montessori schools across the world use Daily Connect. 

Not a Montessori school? You’ll still be able to access these 270 activity ideas and use them to create fun new learning experiences for the children in your care!

How to Access the Montessori Framework in Daily Connect

By navigating to the ‘Lesson Plans’ tab, you’ll be able to access our comprehensive Montessori lesson plans. This lesson plan is available to all teachers, but directors have the option to remove it if they don’t want it, or modify it to suit their needs. 

You can use these to add a lesson to the calendar, save a lesson entry on each child’s timeline, or to save an assessment for children under the Observation category. 

What’s Included with Each Lesson Plan

Each lesson plan includes the following:

  • The materials required for each activity
  • Objectives
  • A step-by-step description of how teachers can lead the activity
  • Expected outcomes
  • A video explaining the activity*

Every activity directly corresponds to one of the Montessori areas of learning, with nine different activities for each age group. 

*Not every activity includes a video, but most do. 

Montessori Assessment Tools

To access this learning framework, head to the ‘Childcare Settings’ page in the Daily Connect app, and navigate to the ‘Learning Framework’ tab. Use the dropdown menu to change your learning framework to ‘Montessori (0-6 Years old). 

Use Daily Connect’s assessment tools to track development progress of children in each learning area and visualize each child’s progress in dynamic and advanced graphs and reports that you can share with educators and with parents.

Daily Connect: Committed to Helping Montessori Early Learning Centers Grow

At Daily Connect, we’ve been a proud partner to Montessori Early Learning Centers, Daycares, and Preschools all over the world for many years, with more Montessori schools joining every month. 

We’re excited to continue adding new features that help our Montessori schools deliver better learning experiences. If you’re a Montessori School, we’re always interested to learn how we can support you better. Don’t hesitate to contact us for feedback and suggestions by emailing us at support@dailyconnect.com

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