New Features Roundup: Fall 2022

At Daily Connect, we’re committed to releasing new features that make life easier for our community. In recent months, we have released several new features, and today, we’re rounding them up. 

New features released in recent months include:

  • Support for the Montessori Learning Framework
  • Geofencing Security Features
  • Private Events
  • Upgrades to Sign In and Attendance Tracking

In case you missed them, let’s take a closer look at what each of these features allow you to do. 

Montessori Learning Framework

Daily Connect now supports the Montessori Learning Framework, in addition to over 50 other state and national learning frameworks

Montessori Early Learning Centers and Preschools can use these features to plan lessons, and track each child’s learning and development according to the Montessori curriculum. 

Daily Connect now has 270 Montessori lessons built in –– with every lesson created by a certified Montessori educator. Every lesson contains a list of objectives, the materials required for each activity, instructions for teachers, expected outcomes, and in most cases, a video explaining the activity. 

Learn More: Daily Connect Adds Support for Montessori Learning Framework 

Geofencing Security Features

Protecting the security of your childcare business is important. This new feature prevents staff from accessing your Daily Connect account from anywhere outside of your facility. If you opt to enable it, your staff will only be able to login to Daily Connect while connected to your childcare center’s WiFi network. 

This prevents staff from clocking in and out while they’re not at work, and also prevents staff from accessing data outside of your facility. To turn this feature on, navigate to the Authorized IP Addresses page in the Settings section of your Daily Connect account. 

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Private Events

This feature allows Daily Connect users to create private events in their Daily Connect account. These events are only visible to staff, and cannot be seen by parents. 

This has been one of our most-requested features of late, and we’re excited to unveil it. You can create private events for lesson plans, meetings, staff training, and more events that parents don’t need to know about. 

Events can easily be changed from private to public. 

Learn More: Add Private Events to Your Daily Connect Calendar

Upgrades to Sign In and Attendance Tracking

In preparation for the start of the new school year, we made several upgrades to our sign in attendance tracking features. Together, these serve to improve the sign-in process, adding an additional layer of security and making it easier to track attendance. 

One addition was the launch of a Paper QR Code for sign-in, removing the need for childcare centers to keep a tablet at the entrance of their facility. Users can now print out a paper version of their QR Code and place it at their entryway, freeing up an additional device that previously was only used for sign-in. 

We also added the ability for childcare centers to prevent parents from manually signing their children in and out. Activating this feature prevents parents from signing their children in or out unless they use a QR Code or PIN Code, eliminating confusion over attendance and billing. 

Finally, we made improvements to the Attendance Dashboard on the Daily Connect Web Application, making it easier for administrators to view which children and teachers are currently checked in to your facility. 

Learn More: Daily Connect Adds Extra Attendance Tracking Features

Do you have an idea for a new feature that would make a meaningful difference to day-to-day operations at your childcare business? We’d love to hear it! Contact us today at

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