Touchless sign-in with Daily Connect

Parents can now sign-in their children without any contact with Daily Connect. For this, they just have to tap on the Sign In/Out button on their Daily Connect application and show their personal QR Code to the sign-in device. The device will then automatically scan the code to do the sign-in. The operation takes around 3 seconds.



Going touchless makes sign-in safer, and allows childcare centers to quickly adapt to enforce health and safety regulations. This option creates a frictionless check-in experience while giving parents peace of mind. This enables organizations to differentiate with a forward-thinking, modern approach to the parents’ experience.

The sign-in kiosk is currently used by parents to sign-in their children by entering a personal 4-digit pin code. This new touchless capability can be used in addition to the pin code entry, or as a replacement.

The sign-in device is usually placed at the building entrance, with the sole purpose of doing sign-in and sign-out. It can be any iOS or Android device (phone or tablet) with a front-facing camera, and with the Daily Connect application installed. The sign-in page in the Daily Connect application is secured, no personal child’s information is accessible by parents. Touchless sign-in can also be done on staff devices.

code on the parent app

Touchless sign-in is available at no extra cost to Premium+ and Professional+ subscriptions. It is only available on iOS and Android devices. It is not available on desktop computers. It can be activated by administrators in the Settings > Sign-In Kiosk page.

Once activated, the kiosk device will automatically show the video feedback to scan the parent’s code. On parents’ devices, the QR code will automatically show when tapping on the Sign In/Out button (the Daily Connect application must be updated on each device to the latest available version).  Staff can also clock-in and clock-out themselves with this method.

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9 thoughts on “Touchless sign-in with Daily Connect

  1. It would be great to be able to print the QR code and post on front door for parents to scan sign/in and out. This way we won’t need to provide a device to facilitate sign-in/out. Is this possible?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. This is not feasible with the current version, we’ll try to do it in the future.

  2. Any iOS or Android phone or tablet will work, the Amazon Kindle Fire is probably the less expensive of all.

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