New: Parent Survey at sign-in

We’re releasing today a new Parent Survey feature that is especially useful to help with Covid-19’s special procedures.

Childcare directors can now create a survey that parents will have to fill at each sign-in on the Daily Connect Sign-in kiosk. This works with the touchless sign-in on the parent’s device, or with the 4-digits pin code sign-in on the Sign-in kiosk device.

Setup Parent Survey
Parent Survey Setup

When signing-in with the touchless sign-in option, parents tap on the ‘sign-in’ button on their Daily Connect application and answer the survey questions. The app then generates a QRCode to show to the sign-in kiosk.

With the 4-digits pin code, parents first enter their personal 4-digit on the sign-in kiosk, then answer the questions before validating the sign-in. Optionally, the parent’s signature can also be collected.

Survey on parent’s mobile app

Answers to the questions are saved with the sign-in entry, so teachers have immediate access to parents’ answers.

A report with the response to each question for each day is also easily accessible by directors on the web application.

Responses are saved with the sign-in entries
Survey report for directors

Parent survey is available at no extra cost to Premium+ and Professional+ subscriptions. It can be activated by administrators in the Settings > Parent Survey page.

Contact if you have any questions.