New: Calendar, Menus, Lesson Plans

We recently released several new features about Calendar, Menus and Lesson Plans. Those will help you better inform parents about what’s happening at your facility, and what’s planned in the coming days.

The new feature allows you to:

  • Create calendar events for each classroom. For instance for holidays, field trips or payment deadlines. Parents and teachers will easily see those events on their app, also a reminder is included in the parent daily email the day before the event.
  • Create ahead of time menus for each day of the week. Not only those will be visible by parents, but your teachers can quickly save feeding entries for present children directly from the menu event.
  • Access menu reports on the web application with a count of all menu served (breakfast, snack, lunch, …) per child and classroom, per day, week and month.
  • Create and reuse lesson plans (for instance Mathematics, Writing, Music, …). A lesson can be placed on a calendar allowing parents and teachers to see what learning activity is planned for the day.

Those are only available to Premium+ and Professional+ subscriptions.


4 thoughts on “New: Calendar, Menus, Lesson Plans

  1. The menu tool would be MUCH more useful if it gave the ability to select menu’s that had previously been entered (selecting from a list of customized menus). It would also be GREATLY beneficial to be able to set the meal times so that it doesn’t have to be selected for each entry. Allow users to set their standard meal times so that when a meal is selected, that time automatically populates. Retyping the menus weekly is cumbersome and I’m not likely to use the feature when using the old menu entry is more efficient.

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