NEW: Add Private Events to Your Daily Connect Calendar

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We’re pleased to announce that Daily Connect now allows you to add private events to your calendar. This has been one of our most-requested features and we’re excited to let our community know that it has now been launched. 

Private events are only visible to you and the staff at your childcare center – parents cannot see them. 

Types of Private Event

Users can set any type of event to be private: lesson plans, menus, and more. Events can easily be changed from private to public at any time. Here are a couple of examples of events that could be made private:

Lesson Plans

Creating a lesson plan as a private event allows you to plan lessons in advance without sharing them with parents. Staff can use this to coordinate lesson plans, submit their lesson plans for review by administrators, and more. 

Staff Meetings

If you have a weekly staff meeting, or a staff training session, there’s no reason to share that with parents. Instead, create a private event in Daily Connect so that all your staff members know exactly when the meeting is. 

How to Make an Event Private

It’s easy to make an event either private or public right from the Daily Connect app. 

Private events are shown in the Daily Connect application the same as any other event, but with a small lock icon on top of the event icon, as shown in the image below. This is similar to the overlay lock icon shown for private entries and notes

To make an event private, check the option ‘Only visible to Staff (private)’ when creating the event. You can always make the event public later on by editing the event and uncheck the option. 

Calendar events are only available to Premium+ and Professional+ subscriptions. Contact us if you have questions about upgrading your subscription.

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