New Feature Roundup: Fall 2023

fall 2023 new features round up daily connect

In addition to the launch of our all-new Staff Management features on Daily Connect, we’re excited to announce the launch of several other features on Daily Connect this Fall. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve released several new features that will make small but noticeable improvements to the lives of childcare professionals using Daily Connect. Today, we’re rounding up those new features. 

Our new features include:

  • Updated Children Reports
  • Improvements to Parent Billing Features
  • New Learning & Development Frameworks

Below, we explore each of these features in more detail and share what you need to know to start using them today. 

Updated Children Reports on Daily Connect

We’ve added three new types of reports that can be viewed on the Children section of your Daily Connect account. They include:

Birthday Reports: this report lists every child’s birthday for a specific month. You can print it out and share it with classroom staff to ensure that you never miss a birthday celebration. 

Children Roster: this new report lists all the information you need to have handy for licensing requirements, including each child’s legal name, address, and the role of each parent, caregiver, authorized pickup person, and emergency contact. 

Allergy Report: easily view a list of each child’s allergies in one report. 

Additionally, Daily Connect no longer requires an email address for caregivers who are Emergency contacts or Authorized Pickups.

Improvements to Parent Billing Features

Since we launched our Parent Billing tools, they’ve quickly become one of our most popular features, making it easy for childcare centers around the country to ensure they get paid on time, every time, while managing subsidies, split payments, and more.

After listening to feedback from our users, we’ve made the following improvements to our Parent Billing tools:

  • Users can now specify the time at which an invoice from a billing program will be sent.
  • Users can add sibling discounts or other discounts for specific children and specific billing programs.
  • Childcare centers with multiple locations can now create and view various reports.
  • Transactions can be easily exported in a CSV file.
  • Users can easily save and reuse charges in invoices via the Charge Library.

New Learning and Development Frameworks

Daily Connect supports dozens of learning frameworks, from state-level standards in states across the U.S. to national frameworks in countries including the UK and Australia. 

We recently expanded this list of learning and development frameworks, adding the following:

  • EYFS Development Matters framework for UK users (in addition to the Birth to 5 framework). 
  • Personal Judgement Report for users in the UK. Nurseries and childcare centers can use this report to record their Baseline and 2 Years Check, or for any other type of assessment tracking.
  • The Desired Results Developmental Program (DRDP) framework for assessments and observations.

You can view a full list of the learning frameworks and state standards supported in Daily Connect here: Learning Frameworks and State Standards 

Do you have an idea for a new feature that could make a big difference to your daily life running a childcare center? We’re all ears – many of our most popular solutions come directly from feedback from our users. 

Contact us today at to share your ideas.

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