New administrator roles for Pressional plans

We’re adding 3 new levels of privilege in the application. The goal is to be more coherent with the different roles and responsibilities in your organization. This is in addition to the already existing role for Staff and Teachers. Those roles only apply to Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

  • Subscription Administrators can create new childcare centers, has administrator privileges for all centers, has finance administrator and education administrator privileges. This role is usually for the owner or the IT manager.
  • Childcare Administrators can change child care settings, add classrooms, teachers and children. Has access to all rooms and children in the childcare. This is a role for the childcare director in each location.
  • Finance Administrators can view attendance reports, cancel/upgrade subscriptions, can change payment information, receives monthly invoices. This is the role for the accounting team.
  • Education Administrators Can view all children’s information in all locations and create lesson plans for all locations.

You can set and change those roles in the Settings > Administrator page on the web application.

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